Rebecca Hope Morales

Selected Publications

Creative Writing

Exhibit - In Plain Site: Mexicano/Chicano Stories in San Diego

Currated by Rebecca H. Morales Ph.D. and Natasha Bonilla Eckholm. Exhibited at the La Jolla Historical Society February 10 through May 20, 2018

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Art Book - Pacific Rim Park: The Transformative Power of Art

Pacific Rim Park: The Transformative Power of Art is about seven extraordinary parks built under the leadership and guidance of Julian, California artist, James Hubbell. The building of the parks began in 1994 and continues to the present with the most recent completed in 2018. This detailed examination reveals the genesis of the idea, the process, and participants. Located in Russia, San Diego, Tijuana, the Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan and China, the parks represent a string of pearls, since pearls are a thing of beauty created from irritation. Each park brings together students from the Pacific region, artists, local governments and universities in the design and implementation, ultimately transforming those involved and the places where they are installed. As such, they are a form of art diplomacy, fostering peace and friendship among people from diverse backgrounds.

The book, Pacific Rim Park: The Transformative Power of Art, will be available in the Fall of 2018.

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Nonfiction - Stealing Cars: Technology and Society from the Model T to the Gran Torino

Stealing Cars follows along the lines of contemporary scholars who emphasize history from the bottom up, yet who also focus on the importance of government and culture in mediating the relationship between technology and society.

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