Rebecca Hope Morales

Current Projects

Suspense Novel - El Dorado

El Dorado weaves a story of intrigue and deception in the Colombian Amazon about an American journalist, Isabella Durango, who encounters unethical bio-prospectors attempting to appropriate sacred medicine from a shaman for their own gain. The tale depicts a country fraught with narco-trafficking, rebel splinter groups, the marginalization of social activists and indigenous groups, and a government unable to counter the trespasses of wayward scientists. When a pandemic hits the Caribbean coast and spreads rapidly inward, Isabella, a brave, young Latina, risks her life to protect the shaman and his ancient knowledge while bringing justice to his people in a system rife with exploitation.

Art - Papier-mâché Bowls

Buzzy's Love Nest - 2018

Chicken inspired art. Meet Buzzy.

Indian Nights - 2018